Pushcart Nominations

"Stations of the Working-Class Pubescent Way or Sorrows" (CNF), Split Lip, May 2022
"The Loneliest Creature on Earth," Little Fiction, February 6, 2019
"Greater Good," Gargoyle 67 (print) 
"I'm Such a Slut and I Don't Give a Fuck," Smokelong Quarterly, August 7, 2017
"Three Boys," Barrelhouse 
"From Here," storySouth 

Articles About/by Jen

"Baltimore City Guide," Poets & Writers
"The Art of Promotion," 2014 Writers Market
"How I Wrote Myself Out of the Closet," Psychology Today
"A Long Literary Weekend in Baltimore," Lithub
"How to Host a Literary Event," Lithub
"Five Things I've Learned," Writer's Digest
"How to Give Your Novel Layered Conflict," Writers Digest
"Are You Gonna Go My Way? The Inclusiveness of Second Person," Cincinnati Review
"The Hard Truths: Writing Incest in Fiction," The Nervous Breakdown 
"The Edge of Thirteen," Vol. 1 Brooklyn
"Jen Michalski Talks About New Novel," Baltimore Magazine
"The Girl Is on Fire," (profile), Baltimore Magazine
"For Jen Michalski, A Prolific Year" (interview), Baltimore Sun
"Novella Dreams" (interview), Rain Taxi
"Spoken Words (interview), Baltimore Magazine
"Bar Exam," Baltimore Magazine
"Ink Stains" (interview), Baltimore City Paper
"A Conversation Between Editor-Novelists" (interview), Potomac Review
"The Motions of the Human Heart" (interview), Fiction Writers Review
"Interview with Author Jen Michalski," Baltimore Review
"Interview with Jen Michalski," Corduroy Books
"My First Time," The Quivering Pen
"Dear Teen Me," Dear Teen Me
"Alumni Spotlight: Jen Michalski works to create writing community," Towson Professional Writing Program newsletter
"Meet the Neighbors: A Q&A with Jen Michalski," Little Patuxent Review


"Azrael at the Starbucks," January 2023, Forge Literary Magazine 
"Faith Keeps the Heart Focused," The Q&A Queerzine
"The Lady of the House," Fictive Dream 
"Do Us Part," August 2021 issue, Pithead Chapel
"Learning to Swim," May 19, 2021, Lost Balloon
"Poster Boy," Pure Slush, Growing Up Lifespan Vol 2 (print)
"Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken," Issue 27, 2021, Superstition Review
"A Haunted House Story," Fictive Dream, March 7, 2021
"Alive, Live," Everyday Fiction, January 14, 2021
"Fluke," The Art of Everyone (A Publishing Genius project), issue 1 
"Scheherazade," Tahoma Literary Review, Summer 2020 (print)
"The Company of Strangers," FRiGG Magazine, Spring/Summer 2020
"The Meteor," (reprint), Fractured Lit, May 2, 2020
"Important People of New Jersey," Necessary Fiction, February 26, 2020
"DreamWorld," A-Minor Magazine, January 2020 issue
"The Long Haul," BULL, December 2019
"Hide and Seek," Pigeonholes, August 2019
"Eat a Peach," Chicago Quarterly Review March 2019 issue (print)
"The Club of the Missing," The Cincinnati Review, December 12, 2018
"Welcome Petsitter!" Atticus Review
"Escape Velocity," Literary Orphans Issue 35
"Great White," Grace in Darkness: Grace & Gravity Vol. 8, (American University Press)
"Dominion," Hawaii Pacific Review, January 25, 2018
"What Is Left,"  Heavy Feather Review Vol. 7 (print)
"Ghosts," Jellyfish Review, October 16, 2017
"Among the Wreckage," The Cabal, Spring 2017
"After Life," LitMag, Spring 2017
"Dream House," Literary Mama, September 2016 issue
"Possessions," Baltimore City Paper, August 25, 2016 (special fiction issue, print)
"Hammer Nails," Amarillo Bay
"Collaboration with Elizabeth Crisman,"  Pair-Shaped, July 2015
"The Lifeless Sea," The Brooklyn Rail, June 2015
"The Meteor," The Collagist, December 2014
"Saint Joan," Santa Fe Literary Review 2014 (print)
"Week in Review," Winter 2014, Fox Chase Review
"Your Second Left Fielder," Barrelhouse 12 (print)
"Everything's Good Here, Too," Heavy Feather Review 3.2 (online and print)
"Sleepover," Monkeybicycle
"Go to War, Stanley Polensky," Works in Progress Journal
"Conjugation," Smokelong Quarterly 10th Anniversary Anthology (print)
"Vigilance," forthcoming, Word Riot 10th Anniversary Anthology (print)
"The Safest Place," Redux Literary Journal
"God's Creatures," Spring 2012 Baltimore Review (print)
"Human Movements," Used Furniture Review
"Mongrels," Thousand Shades of Gray
"Comfort Foods," Spring 2012, Forge Journal (print)
"The Birthday Present," December 2011, Blue Lake Review
"But I'll Be Dead by Then," Baltimore Fishbowl
"Saint Joan," The Urbanite (print)
"Sweet Rotten," Cobalt Review
"Evolution," kill author
"Everyone Goes to the Movies," Newport Review
"I Feel Pretty," bluestem Magazine
"The Safest Place," Reed Magazine, volume 64, 2011 (print)
"Spooked," The Northville Review
"Outlook," NANO Fiction, issue 4.2 (print)
"Tender Is the Night," The Potomac
"Spiderman," Dark Sky Magazine
"Jack the Lion," Pear Noir! (print)
"Monkey Mountain," Fox Chase Review
"wildlife," wigleaf
"Dog Days," The Patapsco Review
"Conjugation," Smokelong Quarterly
The Substitute," The Baltimore Review (print)
"Excerpts from the New Adventures of Harriet the Spy," This Zine Will Change Your Life
"Boy Stuff," The New Yinzer
"Cagarse en la Leche," Necessary Fiction
“Algorithm,” Sententia (print)
“You Were Only Waiting for This Moment to Arrive,” Wilderness House Literary Review
“The Turn of Things,” Everyday Genius
“The Last Thing We Ever Needed,” Metazen
“The Bowling Story,” The New Yinzer
“Big Boy,” Emprise Review
“PE,” Necessary Fiction
“I Remember James Dean as Brought to You by Google and Other Haphazard Forms of Research,” Johnny America
“Neighbors,” PANK (print)
“We Don’t Normally Do This,” Ghoti
“Lillian in White,” 42opus
“Killing Rabbits,” Hamilton Stone Review
“The Mural,” MacGuffin (print)
“Acetylcholinesterase,” The Potomac
“Roots,” Smokelong Quarterly
“The Batman,” Lamination Colony
“The Charlie Brown Jazz Band,” decomP
“Jazz on the Radio,” elimae
“Little Helpers,” Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog, 5th Place, Holiday Contest
“Orion,” Gargoyle (print)
“Chicken Bones,” Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore! (print)
“The Paleolithic Age,” The Potomac Review (print)
“Commencement Speech, Whitney Houston, East Southern University,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
“The Movie Version of My Life,” Failbetter
“Sharp Objects,” The Potomac
“The Reading Room,” Pindeldyboz
“The Queen of Swords,” storySouth
“Blood,” Word Riot
“Houdini,” Summerset Review
“In Fetu,” Unlikely Stories 2.0
“I Can Get to California Before It’s Time for Dinner,” Avatar Review
“His Life Backward, Her Life Forward,” The Houston Review
“In the Waiting Line,” Bending Spoons (print)
“Truck,” Taj Mahal Review (print)
“Kingdom of Hearts,” Zygote in My Coffee
“Music Man,” Taj Mahal Review (print)
“Music Man,” Monkeybicycle
“Bitter Clean Dirt,” The Potomac
“The Assistant,” Swill Magazine (print)
“Slipping Through,” Fiction Warehouse
“The One-Up,” 13th Warrior Review
“The Situation,” Lily
“The Piano,” Fringe
“Bel-Air,” 10×10x10
“LA Women,” Gold Dust Magazine (print)
“Heroes of the Diamond,” LitVision
“Discount,” The Pedestal Magazine
“Swim,” 55 stories
“Chiquita,” Hobart
“Our Place in the World,” Thieves Jargon
“Vital Signs,” Conte Online
“Christmas in April,” Skive Magazine
“Truck,” Outsider Writers
“Sophomore Slump,” Outsider Writers
“The Slippery Slope,” Rokovoko
“The Disappearers,” Split Shot
"A Dog’s Life,” Apt
“Percy’s Pinup,” Subtletea
“The Storyteller,” The Harrow
"Comfort Foods," The Swamp
“But I’ll Be Dead by Then,” Scrivener’s Pen