Genius Party, LOF/T

The Genius Party, it’s going to be that big, this fun. It’s at LOF/T (in Load of Fun at 120 W North Ave) on Saturday, JUNE 13th (next Saturday).

New York Gubernatorial Aide Shane Jones will be there, lecturing to you about the hero of his critically acclaimed book, Light Boxes . And MICA Gun Club Founder Justin Sirois will be there with his brand new book (still at the printers, actually), MLKNG SCKLS . Seattle Runner Matthew Simmons won’t be there, but his book A Jello Horse is sold out anyway, at least for now.

BUT! JMWW Publisher Jen Michalski is going to read, and Dramaturge Ric Royer is going to do his One Word Performance. Filmmaker Michael Kimball is going to deal Blackjack so bring some loose change. Archivist Megan McShea will perpetrate the most in depth Exquisite Corpse game I’ve ever heard of, and Lawn Poet Stephanie Barber will deejay and then I was thinking we would walk over a block to the Wind Up Space to see The Degenerettes’s set at their album release party. There’s no law that says one entire party can’t go join another entire party, is there? Journalist Randy Leonard said he would walk around and perform sleights of hand (they’re pretty cool). I thought we could play this fun game of (Baltimore literary) Jeopardy that My Friend Bill made up. This’ll all happen pretty much simultaneously.

Come at 8pm and you can help decorate the theatre, or come at 9pm and you can help decorate the theater. Come at midnight and help detoarce the tehtrae. Come at 2 and help clean up.

It costs like $3 unless you can give the correct answer to a mildly difficult question. Then it’s free.