Some Treasure Here

My workshop for Dzanc went really well. Those who attended were very smart and insightful and read and wrote great stories, all in four hours. Then at the March installment of the 510 Readings I had the pleasure of introducing four great writers: Ashlie Kauffman, Todd Whaley, Jamie Iredell, and Molly Gaudry. I also picked up three books I can't wait to read: Adam Robinson's Adam Robison and Other Poems, James Iredell's Prose. Poems. A Novel, and Molly Gaudry's We Take Me Apart. I think you should pick them up, too. And read the great interview Dave Erlewine conducted with Molly at jmwwblog.

Now I'm watching a show on treasure hunting while I write comments on stories for my writing group. There is much treasure to be found these days.