City Sages Reading, Barnes & Noble Hopkins

The City Sages reading at Barnes & Noble, Hopkins, was a success.

The readers included me, Michael Kimball, Madeleine Mysko, and Jessica Anya Blau:

Yet again, my terrible penmanship was on display during the book signing. I simply cannot write longhand anymore because of the computer. I bet if you asked me today to read what I wrote on half of the books last night, even I couldn't decipher it. Maybe I should be tacky and invest in a stamper. Or maybe I should just write bigger, loopier.

Let's face facts, though; yesterday I turned 38. I already read documents at 125% on the computer, sometimes 150%, depending on what it is.

But I digress. Here's Gregg Wilhelm, CEO of CityLit Press, without whom this project would not have happened:

Yes, I turned 38. No further comment at this time. But Phuong is only 32 and she's already decorating cakes like an old lady:

I kid. Thanks to Phuong for the delicious cake. And being her delicious self.