Stuff You Should Know

1. Necessary Fiction is beginning, in June, to have monthly Writer-in-Residence Programs. What can you post at Necessary Fiction for your month in residency? Whatever the hell you want. Kudos to Steve Himmer et al for giving writers one month on their large forum to post his/her work and others. Or post youtube videos. Or high school pictures. Seriously—WHATEVER. YOU. WANT.

I'm not sure whether it's an invited residency or whether any writer can apply. I am wary of invited residencies because the online community can be big and small at the same time, and it's nice to discover new voices.

The inaugural writer-in-residence? Roxane Gay. Roxane Gay knows everyone in the world, so it's only logical that she be the ribbon-cutter. If there are new voices, shouting from the hills, Roxane has heard them, will post them.

2. Light Boxes' official release by Penguin Books.

3. Discussion over at Big Other about Goodreads. Waste of time or marketing tool?

4. I'm going to have a hot dog this weekend for Memorial Day. I think. First, a City Sages reading at Ukazoo Books in Towson, May 29th, 3 pm. Jane Satterfield, Betsy Boyd, Lalita Noronha, and Caryn Coyle will read and sign copies of CITY SAGES: BAlTIMORE.