Alone Again, Unnaturally

I really like Roxane Gay's discussion about her story "Do You Have a Place for Me?" in today's ORIGINS column at jmwwblog. Not only is the deep feeling/romantic tension very true in many platonic female relationships, but I liked the fact that Roxane began to write the story in the bathroom stall of a small-town bar she was patronizing with friends. As a writer (and also as an introvert), I too have trouble staying in the moment with people, places, preferring to steal away by myself and analyze what is happening or write about what is happening. It works for being a writer, but I often wonder whether I'm missing out as being a human being.

Although no one seems to live in the moment anymore. Anyone is concerned with preserving the moment/controlling the narrative of their lives, aka Facebook and twitter and text messages. God, we are the most self-absorbed fakers ever.