Jen Michalski

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You'll Be Fine (2021; NineStar Press)

"An enjoyable story about an adult trying to grow up"
Kirkus Reviews

Selected, "Best Books We Read This Year (2021)”— Independent Book Review

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The Company of Strangers
(2022; Braddock Avenue Books)

Postcards and Rejects

My life has been updated on a postcard.

I got a rejection from the New Yorker the other day (unsurprising) that was actually kind of personal (surprising). It said
"This is a compelling story, but not quite right for The New Yorker. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider it, and we ask that you send along more material."

I know—if that's personal to me, I should have greater expectations. It's been years since I've submitted to TNY, so I don't know if this is a kinder, friendlier rejection letter they've been sending out and I'm getting my hopes up for naught. But thanks for sending it, TNY—I will send you more material. As soon as I figure out what material, even after subscribing for years, exactly you like.