She's Having a Baby

It seems like I get my best ideas from dreams. In fact, my forthcoming novella MAY-SEPTEMBER (Press 53 2010, Open Awards Anthology) is mostly the result of a long dream about two women. It only seems prudent, then, to evaluate the potential of last night's dream. In it, my best friend, a gay man, and I had sex, and I got pregnant. Only when I become engaged to another man (for some reason, I'm straight, or technically, bisexual in this dream) do my friend and I realize the depth of affection we have for each other, that we're having a baby, for goodness sake, and we fight the odds to be together.

This has the makings of a second-rate screenplay, I'll admit. A B-rate Jennifer Aniston playing me, and Greg Kinnear as my boyfriend, right? And there would be just enough to piss straight people off for having my character marry a gay man and enough to piss the gay people off for having Greg Kinnear choose heterosexual complacency.

So definitely not a go. I'll admit, however, if I was desperate and needed the money, I might consider trying my hand at screenwriting something like this. But I doubt I'd wind up giving birth to anything worthwhile by my standards; more than likely, I'd be laying a big, fat egg.

Oh well. Back to the nocturnal drawing board. If you're listening, subconscious, I'm open to a cable-ready television mini-series.