Things You Could do Tomorrow

You could go to HAMPDENFEST, most definitely. And then you could drop into the Child Ballads Show.

And after you've had some beer, seen some bands, and bought some Bmore art, you can be inspired by our earnest little grouping of literary bards.

For those of you who are link lazy:

dogzplot-jmww-narrowhouse reading at Normals Books and Records!

Readings by Molly Gaudry, Jamie-Gaughran Perez, Barry Graham, Jen Michalski, Scott Oliver, Justin Sirois, and Kate Wyer.

Beer! Expanding turtles! A blue Red Room!

8 pm, Normals Books and Records, 425 East 31st Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Or you could stay home and be lame. But we will talk about you behind your back.