Recent Acceptances

I was really excited to hear from Scott Garson that wigleaf will be publishing "Wildlife" this fall. It's another excerpt from the wikipedia-style novel I've been dabbling on when I'm not working on The Tide King. Other excerpts from the wikipedia novel have appeared or will be appearing in Everyday Genius, Smokelong, Necessary Fiction, and The Potomac.

I also received word that my story "Monkey Mountain" will be in the Winter/Spring 2011 edition of Fox Chase Review, which is a lovely little journal out of Philadelphia.

Speaking of journals, I'm hoping to have the fall issue of jmww up by the end of the week. Still waiting on a few pieces. The issue is strong, though, and I'm very excited about it. Tuesday night, when I unexpectedly had free time, however, instead of tweaking the issue I goofed off and watched a rerun of "The Brady Bunch" movie. Is it possible to begin to feel nostalgia for the nineties? Not the silly Prince Valiant haircuts on the guys and the flannel on everybody, but the vibe. For me, it was the last decade that felt progressive: Clinton in office, Lolapolooza and Lilith Fair, gay characters coming out of the woodwork and on television shows, movies. And there was that other stuff, too, like Brad Pitt before that awful beard, Tom Cruise before he cracked up, the Pixies before they broke up.