Pages & Places Book Festival, Scranton, PA

Saturday, October 2nd we got up at the crack of dawn and, with fellow jmwwer Ashlie Kauffman, drove to Scranton, PA. We got some great donuts just outside of York, I think, at a truck stop.

Scranton is a sleepy little Thorton Wilder town nestled in the Northeastern valleys of Pennsylvania. It's like living in two benevolent hands

There's a rich Jesuit history (University of Scranton) and, whether by design or by economy, much of the old main street architecture has been preserved.

It's known as "The Electric City" because it was the first town with an electric trolley line (which still runs). All it needs is a Pullman car station and I'm relocating.

Sales were steady, and the weather was brisk (as Shirley, in her blanket, can attest).

My lovely assistant, Phuong.