I had some unexpected editing work to do last night—six hours between 4 and 10 pm. Thankfully we had already been on our run, and I wasn't wedded to any particular NFL game (not that I usually am). But working so diligently for so long turned provoked an entire night of insomnia to follow, my mind grinding its gears, my body tossing and wet against my clothes. I thought about people who stay up all night and what their particular tortures are. I thought a lot of parents whose children go missing. I thought about them enough that I was able to write a flash piece, called "Vigilance," during my lunch today from the threads of images that lie untied all night. I guess it was worth it—I'm surprisingly lucid today. Although I'm still going to take a nap in an hour.

The lesson is to remain vigilant and check your spam folder occasionally to ensure that important editing assignments haven't been swallowed up by it.