New Work!

"Things changed. Verbs, for instance. je croîs, tu croîs, il croît, nous croissons, vous croissez, ils croissant."—"Conjugation" at Smokelong

"If she could hold them four at a time, crush them into her chest, she would, feed the empty chirp between her lungs, the wet click at the back of her throat."—"Wildlife" at wigleaf

"When Andnej turned sixteen he set like concrete. His cheeks and jaw flattened and squared, and so did his nose, which pointed downward, like a beak. Basha wondered if he smiled whether his face would break."—"The Safest Place," forthcoming from Reed Magazine

"When you arrive he will say that your mother made you come, and no matter how hard you protest, he will shake his hand and walk away, done with the conversation, done with you.—"Jack the Lion," forthcoming from Pear Noir!