Friday Roundup

I have work forthcoming in Dark Sky Magazine. I'm very excited.

Ron Tanner has a new book out.

Don't forget the 510 Readings Saturday here in Baltimore: Robin Black, Ken Sparling, Shya Scanlon, and Megan McShea. In you're in New York, make sure you see Robert Lopez at the KGB Bar. He'll be reading from his new collection from Dzanc Books, Asunder.

Enter to win a copy of Damn Sure Right by Meg Pokrass on Goodreads.

Jamie Iredell's Book of Freaks is available for predorder.

Eric D. Goodman's debut novel in stories, Tracks, is forthcoming this summer.

I'm craving a mint chocolate chip Happy Endings Sundae from Friendly's with butterscotch topping.

What else am I missing?