“Jen Michalski’s second novel is an intense emotional commitment, but a worthwhile one.” – Ploughshares

“Jen is an astonishingly sensitive writer.” – HTML Giant

“Jen Michalski excels in subtlety that is made possible by her nuanced understanding of voice.” – The Rumpus

“Jen is a writerly heavyweight.” – Nate Brown, American Short Fiction

“We’re lucky to have Michalski before the rest of the world discovers her. But they will.” – Baltimore City Paper

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I haven't been writing much the past month, but I do have a lot to show for it: the winter issue of jmww is online, and jmww anthology V is now available for $10 ($5 if you're a contributor to the anthology).

What are you missing? Work from Lindsay Ahl, Matt Bell, George Blecher, Andrew Borgstrom, Callista Buchen, Alan Stewart Carl, Alexandra Chasin, Kim Chinquee, Robert Coover, SL Corsua, Patrick Dacey, Jeremy M. Davies, Nicelle Davis, Andy Devine, Spencer Dew, Brian Evenson, Jon-Michael Frank, Timothy Gager, Scott Garson, Katrina Gray, Justin Hamm, Jane Hammons, James Hannaham, Clarinda Harriss, Lily Hoang, Tim Horvath, Joanna Howard, Jamie Iredell, Brian Kiteley, Norman Lock, Ben Loory, Robert Lopez, Sean Lovelace, Miguel Morales, David Peak, Emily Peterson Crespo, Nate Pritts, Timothy Raymond, Ethel Rohan, Davis Schneiderman, Savannah Schroll Guz, Laura Ellen Scott, Amber Sparks, Ken Sparling, Terese Svoboda, J.A. Tyler, Kelli Ford, Beau Goltwitzer, Julie Innis, Heather Fowler, Lou Gaglia, Wendy Siegelman, Chris Heavener, Michael Leong, and Mike Meginnis.

Are you really prepared to miss that much?