AWP roundup

I did not get to hear Junot Diaz or Jhumpa Lahiri or Mary Gaitskill or Amy Hempel or Saffire read.

I did, however, get to hear Joyce Carol Oates. Now, whenever I think of cat pee, I will think of her. (If you've read her new memoir, you will not take this as an insult.)

I did not run into Amber Sparks, Barry Graham, Bonnie ZoBell, Michelle Brafman, Donna De Vitucci, Dawn Raffel, Sheryl Monks, and Linda Simoni-Wastila.

I did, however, get to see Ned Balbo, Lauren Becker, Jessica Anya Blau, Charlie Boodman, Mel Bosworth, Ryan Bradley, Rae Bryant, Goodloe Byron, Kara Candito, Vincent Cellucci, Michael Czyzniejewski, Jereme Dean, Jane DeLury, Michael Downs, Gabe Durham, Sue Eisenfeld, Dave Erleweine, Erin Fitzgerald, Kathy Flann, Heather Fowler, Scott Garson, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Jamie Gaughren-Perez, Greg Gerke, Clifford Garstang, Will Grofic, Mary Hamilton, Heather Hartley, Liz Hazen, Lily Hoang, Jamie Iredell, Ashlie Kauffman, Michael Kimball, Andrea Kneeland, Kendra Koelpeke, Nik Korpan, Len Kuntz, Dylan Landis, Tara Lasowski, Sara Lippman, Ben Loory, Robert Lopez, James Magruder, Barbara Morrison, Kevin Murphy, Richard Peabody, Gary Perscespe, Shelley Puhak, Adam Robinson, Gabriela Romeri, Sarah Rose, Dan Ryan, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Matthew Salessses, Jane Satterfield, Laura Ellen Scott, Justin Sirois, Tyler Stoddard Smith, Ron Tanner, Ben Tanzer, Beth Thomas, Kevin Morgan Watson, Tim Wendel, Dan Wickett, Bess Winter, Susi Wyss, and Mike Young and I'm sorry if I missed you but I haven't had my coffee yet and I need to get to work. But it was so great to see so many writers/editors/good people in the flesh.

So many books/journals to read: Dzanc, Flatman Crooked, Electric Literature, Noo Journal, PANK, Mid-American Review. I haven't even unpacked my bookbag yet, but when I do, it'll be like Christmas.