This and That

My virgin interview, with Dzanc author Henning Koch, is up at The Nervous Breakdown. I'm also interviewing a fabulous lady next week whose debut collection is fantastic, so stay tuned!

On a personal note, I received a fellowship from the Hambidge Center for two weeks this summer. Whether I'll be putting the finishing touches on The Tide King or working out the new novel that's been fermenting in my head, the two weeks of solitude will be so welcome.

I have a story forthcoming in the May issue of The Northville Review that I'm excited about. There is a cat named Tupac in it. I know a cat named Tupac. They are not the same Tupac, but I hope you read it, anyway.

Finally, I'm happy that the spring issue of jmww will be out early next week. I'm finishing up proofing and other small housekeeping bits, like making the formatting a little bigger. Maybe I'm getting old, but when you think your own journal is too small to read, you've got to make some changes