On the horizon

I have a little piece, "Evolution," coming out in Bananafish Magazine that is part of a bigger piece, a wikipedia-style novella, on which I'm working. Anyway, thanks to Daniel, top banana at Bananafish, for believing in it.

My novel is close to being finished. Every time I think about what is going to happen next in the holes I need to fill, great things occur to me. This novel has lots of people and things happening in it. I am proud and scared about it.

I had a dream with all my relatives in it, dead and alive. We were at a Catholic church (naturally, because we are Catholic, if only in name these days), and had retired to the basement to have a luncheon. I remember what everyone was wearing, even if it didn't make sense, like my 30-something cousin's powder blue rayon shorts and short-sleeve button-down shirt. I wore a white blouse that I got a flick of meatball sauce on. My dead Aunt Teresa wore mismatched white sandals. We were a gathering of pastels and comfort food. But if heaven was just a big Polish bull roast at the church or VFW, I think I would be okay with that.