The Resurrection of Chocolate

When did Christ's rising from the dead coincide with a gluttonous mix of chocolate bunnies, Cadbury creme eggs, kielbasa, hard-boiled eggs, and jelly beans? Really, someone do the research for me because I'm too sugar-amped to sit here at the desk much longer. I have already eaten enough homemade Mary Sue Easter eggs, Hawaiian Punch-flavored jelly beans, and jawbreakers to meet my body's glucose requirements for the rest of the year. This morning a little earthquake hummed through my veins as I popped my fifth jawbreaker, the congestion of sugar highway in my arteries with its confectionery exhaust.

Thanks to the New Yinzer Presents from hosting us in Pittsburgh on Thursday night; it was a pleasure to meet and hear Kristin Ross and Kelli Stevens Kane read, as well as meet the next generation of TNY organizers and hosts. I was disappointed we were so pressed for time after the reading, having to return to Baltimore in the early morning to prepare for Easter, but we did get to visit the legendary Essie's Hot Dog Shop, or the O, in Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, near the University of Pittsburgh campus for a late night snack and nightcap. The hotdogs had tight casings, the beer was cheap, and the location was surprisingly close to our hotel. All I know to know is, how can such a nice city with a rich history, such lovely writers and Andy Warhol, Primanti brothers and most-excellent hot dogs from the O, be home to both The Pittsburgh Steelers (barf) and Pittsburgh Penguins (gag)? Well, that's the only thing I'd change about you, Pittsburgh. Please, Pittsburgh Pirates: don't ever start winning.