New Acceptances

I'm excited to learn that an excerpt from my novel, The Tide King, was accepted by The Newport Review. Only I deleted the excerpt from this draft of the novel, feeling it extraneous. Still, maybe it's a good sign. Also, "Evolution," which was going to appear in Bananafish before it closed for good, has been graciously accepted by kill author, a magazine I have been hoping to get into for quite some time but never felt I had anything good enough to send them. For me, May was a terrible month for submissions (five rejections, one acceptance), but June seems to be shaping up okay (three acceptances).

The lady and I have been watching "Freaks and Geeks" on DVD lately. Although it has some obvious weaknesses in plot and continuity and strong finishes, the characters are interesting (although I wonder whether what really drives these types of shows is their homage to nostalgia, for it kind of seems like an updated "Wonder Years"). Maybe I find it hard to relate because I didn't have much of a life (or friends) in high school, being more inwardly consumed by my parent's troubles at home (and also budding hints of my sexuality during a time when homophobia was pretty high). One thing's for sure; despite the increasing tolerance of these times, I refuse to believe that high school ever changes, and I would not do it over. My acceptance rate there would always be zero. I do miss the excitement and optimism of that time, though. My mantra for those years was that college would liberate me. My life would finally start, and all I had to do was hold on for a little longer. Gosh, I wasted so much time waiting, when now every day feels so precious, so short, so full of regret.