These Friends of Mine

are doing cool stuff this week:

Marion Winik's inaugural piece, "Desperate Housewives of Roland Park," for her new column, Bohemian Rhapsody appears at on the online daily Baltimore Fishbowl.

Carolyn Parkhurst's new(and slightly creepy) book trailer is on YouTube for her third novel, for The Nobodies Album, which is coming out in paperback this month. As Carolyn says, be part of the dream!

An exceptionally well-done article on Justin Sirois in Baltimore Magazine.

As for me, I am working on a short story about dogs in a kill-shelter. Because I am always uplifting and full of joy. I also got some really great feedback on my novel that I can't wait to incorporate in the next draft. I'm also waiting for the right moment to have my first snowball of the summer. I think it may happen this weekend, at either the St. Anthony's Festival in Little Italy or Hon Fest.