In the Woods

Music on my iPod while I'm working in the cabin: Bonnie Prince Billy, The Carter Family, Ray La Montagne, Chet Atkins, Ella Fitzgerald, Ryan Adams.

There is a huge spider in the bathtub. I expected some bugs in the cabin, but this is a rather large, forked-looking one. I can even see the stripes on its legs. I hope it’s gone back down the tub drain when I get home from dinner, because I’d really like to take a bath. I think they are seeking revenge because of all the spiderwebs I knocked down on the trail today.

I can see the mountains from my desk. They're just beyond the trees of the deck. The deck is rather large and I feel lonely standing on it, so I don't stand on it often. I would even share it with one of those black bears that supposedly roam the property, the berry-eating, vegetarian ones.

I think.