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The sculptor A and the filmmaker K and I hiked along the hills of Patterson Creek today and saw a beautiful waterfall. I thought I would be able to upload some photos here, but I packed the wrong USB cord, a very Jen-like thing to do. At one point I indicated a way on the path that turned out to be wrong and wished I'd had a compass. Phuong would have brought a compass, I thought. (And, incidentally, the right USB.) But I've never been on a hike with Phuong. It's strange how we've never done an activity that would probably bring us such joy and peace. I miss her so much here; I depend on her for a lot of little stupid things at home, like helping me find where I put my glasses, things I could also really use help with here, but what gets obscured in my daily physical scatter is the way she centers me by just being near me. She always points me in the right direction.