“Jen Michalski’s second novel is an intense emotional commitment, but a worthwhile one.” – Ploughshares

“Jen is an astonishingly sensitive writer.” – HTML Giant

“Jen Michalski excels in subtlety that is made possible by her nuanced understanding of voice.” – The Rumpus

“Jen is a writerly heavyweight.” – Nate Brown, American Short Fiction

“We’re lucky to have Michalski before the rest of the world discovers her. But they will.” – Baltimore City Paper

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New Additions to the Baltimore Juggernaut

I remember like it was just yesterday when Catherine Harrison and I started jmww: a cheap hosting domain with a terrible URL extension,, that we still use (, a shitty web design comprising something I drew on MSPaint, and three stories, one of which was mine and one of which was Catherine's. Thankfully, we've evolved, and so have the new kids on the Baltimore literary journal scene, like Cobalt and Artichoke Haircut. Sparse but attractive site designs, twitter access, print editions—these folks are ready to succeed. All they need are your submissions. Won't you help them out?