Queen of the Nighttime Cheese

Mostly, I get great ideas for stories from dreams. For instance, my novella May-September came to me fully formed in a dream, as did bits of "Dogs Days" and a few other stories. But sometimes even I am horrified by what my brain comes up with. Last night, for instance. Often I think of songs in my dreams, although I'm not a musician. Some are pretty cool; most I forget. I am trying hard to forget the faux-Kiss song I dreamed of last night, whose chorus was King/of all the rice in China (not sung to "King of the Nighttime World") while shopping for baby clothes for a baby shower in a three-floor Toys 'R Us who recently decided to pull their baby clothes line because they weren't marketable (really? I bet that CEO still gets a bonus).

Anyway, here's hoping its mention will be a purging of sorts. Or maybe you can make me feel better and share some of your embarrassing nocturnal moments. (In dreams, in dreams!)