Making the Rounds

We had a couple of nice PR pieces for The Lit Show this week. First, on Tuesday we sat down with Tom Hall for WYPR's Maryland Morning. The podcast should be up shortly.

The City Paper also ran a nice piece, interviewing me and Betsy:

“When you think of Canton and Fells Point, you think of drinking and sports,” Michalski, who lives near Greektown, says. She also wanted to cast a wider net than does your average literary reading. “There are a lot of readings series in the city now, and they’re all great,” she says. “But there’s still a swath of people you see in other places that never come to the readings.”

The semiannual Lit Show, which launches at the Creative Alliance on March 22, is an attempt to change that. It will mimic the form of a classic late-night talk show, with Michalski and fellow fiction writer Betsy Boyd as co-hosts. Interviews with guests will alternate with readings, fast-paced repartee, music by a guest band as well as the house band (Howard Markman’s Palookaville), and “stupid human tricks”—in this first show, for instance, one guest will sing an Appalachian death ballad and accompany himself on wine glasses. The show will feature author Cathy Alter; Aaron Henkin of WYPR-FM’s The Signal; comedian, writer, and City Paper contributor Jim Meyer; musical guest Height With Friends; and a mystery guest.

Finally, we made number 2 on b Magazine's weekly "10 Spot." You can read a PDF copy of the issue here.