Jen Michalski

Available Now

You'll Be Fine (2021; NineStar Press)

"An enjoyable story about an adult trying to grow up"
Kirkus Reviews

Selected, "Best Books We Read This Year (2021)”— Independent Book Review

Coming Soon

The Company of Strangers
(2022; Braddock Avenue Books)

Paula Bomer mentions me on Writers Read!

Paula Bomer, author of Nine Months and Baby, had some nice things to say about Could You Be With Her Now at the blog Writers Read. Very, very exciting:
Another book I'm reading is the forthcoming couplet of novellas, Could You Be With Her Now, by the amazing indie writer, Jen Michalski. Each novellas is startling with bravery and a mastery of language and pacing. Also, they couldn't be more different, which is no small feat -  to have such range. I can't wait for more of the world to know about Jen Michalski.