Interview with Paula Bomer in Rain Taxi

A couple of summers ago, novelist Paula Bomer interviewed me in Rain Taxi about one of the two novellas that would eventually comprise the couplet in my collection Could You Be With Her Now. "May-September" had just one first prize in Press 53's 2010 Open Awards in the category of novella. Little did I know then that "May-September" would be destined for even greater things:

I think both the young and the old tend to underappreciate the other. Neither thinks the other understands their unique challenges, but we all sort of go through the same things. It was sort of a challenge to me, coming from a close-knit family, to write about a mother and daughter who aren’t close, and to write it from the mother’s point of view. But I understand their fear and pride in not extending the olive branch. I’ve seen so many broken families operate on this principle. And I feel so sad for them. It was hard to write Sandra and her daughter without wanting to make them kiss and make up at some point, but they never do.
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