Self-Interview at The Nervous Breakdown

I had the pleasure of interviewing myself today at The Nervous Breakdown:

"Writers are not glamorous. We pretend to be on Facebook and Twitter, but mostly we’re sitting at home trying to be brilliant (or imaging what would happen to us if we actually were). I don’t own skinny jeans; I wear activewear and furry socks every day. And our spouses are publicly proud of us, but behind closed doors we get a lot of “you write all the time. You care more about your writing than [husband/wife/favorite child/favorite pet/favorite parent].” In that way, we are slightly above drug addicts and alcoholics on the obsessive behaviors scale. We’re self-absorbed except we don’t know it because we’re too busy being self-absorbed. We will be better people, we promise! 1) after we finish the novel; 2) after we get an agent; 3) after we sell the novel; 4) after we write the second novel; 5) after we win a prize for the second novel. 6) After we write the third novel, etc."
To read more, go here.

(You can also read an excerpt of Could You Be With Her Now at the same site here.)