Word Riot Travel Grant

I'm really thrilled to receive a first-quarter travel grant from Word Riot! Word Riot has grown from online lit journal to publishing books (Word Riot Press, which published Paula Bomer's critically acclaimed Baby a few years back) to also offering grants to writers to help offset their travel expenses (which, can be imagined, small and even large presses don't include in their book budgets). Finally they will also publish their 10-year anniversary print anthology in 2013. Word Riot is just a ball of goodness that has gathered no moss this past decade under the leadership of Jackie Corley and her editorial staff. As a journal editor myself, I have no idea how they do it. I suspect fairies and superpowers are involved, but I don't want to spread rumors.

If you're interested in applying for a second-quarter grant, check them out here:


You can also make a small donation to keep the award coffers rich and plentiful.

Go on, Word Riot. Keep on turnin' and burnin'.