4/15/13: City Paper Write-up of My Reading at CityLit Festival

Reading at CityLit Festival, April 13, 2012, Baltimore
The Baltimore City Paper did a nice write-up of my reading at the CityLit Festival on Saturday. What a nice surprise to see, and even nicer to read (I think I have found my publicists for The Tide King!)
"Michalski’s recent col­lec­tion of novel­las (which I review here), also released this year, bring remark­ably dif­fer­ent voices to the page, and yet, the rhyth­mic con­trol and pre­ci­sion of the lan­guage and the sweep­ing and yet inti­mate plot of this pre­view of Tide King are even more assured and virtuosic–and also more nat­ural and less labored. It’s likely that this book will finally make Michal­ski known to the wider world–in a big way. Seri­ously, if I weren’t entirely averse to all attempts to pre­dict the future, I would say this book will be huge. But there’s no account­ing for people’s tastes, so I will say instead, with some cer­tainty, that it will be important."
To read more, go here.