6/4/2013: First review of The Tide King!

The first review of The Tide King is out, slightly ahead of the book! (As I understand, it's being printed as I write!) Anyway, writer Rosalia Scalia had some really nice things to say about it:
...Michalski creates a tale that sweeps history by marrying icons of childhood nightmares such as witches, magic, and children struggling on their own to the icons of adult nightmares: war battles, socially sanctioned violence and murder, success and failure in love, success and failure in connecting meaningfully with others, and the mind-numbing, soul-sucking daily grind.
In short, this book about the passing of time will make you impatient to discover what happens next. The other joy sparked by this book is recognizing familiar locales in Baltimore and Fells Point. They provide an extra treat, a view of the familiar through the eyes of an east Baltimore boy, Stanley Polensky, and thereby through the eyes of one of the city’s most gifted scribes.
To read more, go here.

If you'd like to read The Tide King for yourself, I will be reading at HearArts in Rockville on Thursday, June 6th, 7 pm. Jazz will be provided by Night Moves.