8/2/13: Appearance on WYPR's "Maryland Morning"

I'll be on WYPR's "Maryland Morning" on Monday, August 5, 9:30ish a.m., to talk about The Tide King:
"Baltimore author Jen Michalski's fascinating debut novel, The Tide King, features a cast of characters that includes a nearly 200 year old woman, a couple of hardened war veterans who survived some of history’s bloodiest battles, an upper-crust art curator, and a country western star who happens to be a dwarf. She has previously written short story and novella collections, exploring issues of love and modern-day myth. The Tide King delves into deeper territory, dealing with eternal life despite the horrors of war. The story richochets back and forth between the early 1800s and the 1970s, with stops in Europe, Baltimore, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, among other places."
If you miss it (or are out of state), you can catch the podcast here: http://www.wypr.org/podcast/tide-king