Jen Michalski

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You'll Be Fine (2021; NineStar Press)

"An enjoyable story about an adult trying to grow up"
Kirkus Reviews

Selected, "Best Books We Read This Year (2021)”— Independent Book Review

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The Company of Strangers
(2022; Braddock Avenue Books)

Interview with Corduroy Books

I had so much fun being interviewed by Kati Heng over at Corduroy Books about The Tide King that we actually did it twice—who lets a malfunctioning audio program run a good conversation? Anyway, pleased to see it up today:
You asked me about the ending, and whether I wanted the reader to view it as sad or hopeful. I think the ending is sad, but I also think it’s hopeful. Because, mortal or immortal, all we really have is our hope to move us forward, whether it’s hope that we’ll find a cure for immortality, in Calvin and Ela’s case, or whether we’ll fall in love, or whether we’ll be happy. So I tried to end on the character’s hopes, no matter how slim those hopes were. It seemed the most realistic ending in what I felt was a very realistic book.
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