Profile in 2014 Writers Market

I was fortunate enough to be profiled for the 2014 Writers Market about my three-book year in 2013. I also talk a lot about promotion, and the book I just finished, Rabbits Singing.
What I love about [novellas] is that you’re not restricted to five or seven thousand words, but you’re also not locked into several years of plotting and writing and revising a traditional novel. What happens in both of the novellas in Could You Be With Her Now happens over the course of days and weeks and represents such a small microcosm of the lives they show. And I think that’s what I like about that format—about really concentrating on this one episode in a life, very specifically, without having to have this wide thematic scope. Like when Virginia Woolf combined the short stories "Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street" and The Prime Minister" into Mrs. Dalloway.
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