Jen Michalski

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You'll Be Fine (2021; NineStar Press)

"An enjoyable story about an adult trying to grow up"
Kirkus Reviews

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The Company of Strangers
(2022; Braddock Avenue Books)

Visiting Writer, York College, October 24th

As part of York College's Visiting Writer series, I'll be reading there on Thursday, October 24th at 5 pm in the Brossman Art Gallery. Many thanks to Travis Kurowski and the faculty and staff of York for inviting me up! You can find more information here:
Her new novel, The Tide King, a magical realist adventure in the vein of Borges, Atwood, and Chabon, is about Stanley Polenksy, a Polish-American from Baltimore, whose mother gives him an herb that promises eternal life as he heads off to World War II. Author Robin Black says of the novel, "The Tide King is a profoundly compassionate novel about what it means to be a mortal being—or maybe worse to be an immortal one. Part folktale, part World War II buddy story, part exploration of myriad kinds of love, this is an absolute stunner of a book. Jen Michalski is a writer whose talent seems limitless. The only consolation to finishing these pages is the thought of what more will surely follow."