Review of The Tide King at Heavy Feather Review

Merridawn Duckler writes a very astute review of The Tide King for Heavy Feather Review.
Magic and fantasy, the supra and the supernatural are having a good long run in modern fiction. I approve of blurred lines among genre but—grumpy cat impersonator that I am—nothing entrances me less than the promise that I shall be entranced....This grouchy intro is all by way of suggesting there is an alternative. One could write a novel with vivid, dimensional characters that are all kinds of human, caught up in a story that defies logic but not sense. For that experience you might want to read Jen Michalski’s wonderful, and yes, magical novel The Tide King.
And as pieces fit into this sophisticated and brilliant puzzle of a novel, it is the stories that draw us in, as well as the real problems of characters we come to know through the writer’s skill.
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