New Fiction at "Heavy Feather Review"

I am excited to have a short piece, "Everything is Good Here, Too," in the Heavy Feather Review 3.2, which includes work by Aaron Apps, J. Bradley, Austin Bunn, Erin Case, Sarah Elizabeth Colona, Rob Cook, Jennifer Davis, Jeremy Griffin, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Miles Klee, Dan Mancilla, Jeff Pearson, Jim Redmond, Timmy Reed, Ron Rege, Jr., Matt Sailor, Ben Segal, Phillip Gregory Spotswood, and Cristina Troufa.
You will handle it. You have handled nothing. You left at eighteen and you sent postcards. You wrote your phone number on letters, on monogrammed stationery. You transposed the last two numbers. You didn’t come home for holidays. You pretended you were contagious, you had the flu, you were leprous, you were positive, you were doing everyone a favor. Everything is great you wrote, and mom’s refrain, iambic, on kitten cards from Current, everything is good here, too.
To read more of "Everything is Good Here, Too," you can buy the print issue here. It's also available on Nook and Kindle.