"The Motions of the Heart": An interview at Fiction Writers Review

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Travis Kurowski at Fiction Writers Review about The Tide King and Could You Be With Her Now, and how I took a completely different approach to each work:
Both of the novellas in Could You Be With Her Now were sort of breakthroughs for me. I wrote them both in 2009, I think, and Michael Kimball was very influential in helping me discover my own “language” for them, the parameters of not only a particular piece, but my own parameters – words I would never use in my writing, words I would. So both “I Can Make It to California Before It’s Time for Dinner” and “May-September” were the first times I approached stories through language first — my first instinct is to use simile, metaphor, sentence structure. In the novellas, it was more of an effect of synesthesia — certain words had a certain color, weight, texture. It was all very physical, like painting, and very fitting, given the strong, raw subject matter contained in both novellas. It was almost as if they deserved a different approach.
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