Review of The Tide King in Entropy Magazine

So excited to read this review of The Tide King by Meg Tuite in Entropy Magazine!
When I first started reading Michalski’s novel I thought, oh, no, a war story. There were only a few of those that had mesmerized me, of late, like Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried. But, Michalski is as much a master as O’Brien. She wrapped me easily inside her extraordinary storytelling and inimitable cast that held me captive in a world I wasn’t sure could take me down and then wasn’t sure I wanted to resurface from. As a writer, I wanted to decipher this phenomenon of layers and structure that created this magic, but the reader in me was traveling with the plot and easily let go of that and rode with her as it unfurled. Then, I read it again.
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