Featured Writer, New Fiction, Atticus Review

So thrilled to be the featured author of the month in The Atticus Review. Jamie Iredell interviewed me about my forthcoming collection, From Here (Aqueous Books, September 30th), craft, and what affect my heritage and identity has on my writing:
Being gay has made me feel dislocated for a lot of my life–from participating in the same rituals–marriage, children–a lot of my friends have or having a relationship as a grown, sexual adult with your family (my grandfather still asked me on his deathbed when I was going to get married). For a long time I thought moving away, maybe to San Francisco, or another country, might make me want finally feel at “home,” and it took me a long time to realize that you need to be home wherever you are. I see a lot of my own struggles (trying to escape places, being caught between places, grudgingly accepting places) in the characters in this collection.

The folks at Atticus Review were also kind enough to publish some postcard stories I'd written about postcards (in celebration of the awesome "postcard" cover of From Here) and also postcard stories by Erin Fitzgerald, Judith Krummeck, Timmy Reed, Laura Ellen Scott, and Joseph Young. Finally, you can submit your own postcard and postcard story for a chance to win a copy of From Here and publication in The Atticus Review. All this good stuff can be found here.