"How Jen Michalski Became a Writer" at Ph.D. in Creative Writing

Thanks to Kelcey Parker and Melanie Page for letting me talk at "Ph.d" in Creative Writing" about how I "became" a writer.

Can you tell me about a writer or artist whose biography inspires you?

Without coming off as incredibly pretentious, I've always been struck by Beethoven, who began to go deaf around 26, when he was working on "Pathetique." He wrote to his brothers about wanting to commit suicide but decided to continue living and creating art. At one point, he didn't even know that his work reviewed a standing ovation until he turned around and saw everyone in the music hall clapping. If Beethoven didn't throw in the towel, then how can the rest of us? And I think we should work in that vacuum as well, deaf and blind to applause, to reaction, good or bad.
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