The Annotated From Here

On The Next Best Book Club blog today, really thrilled to "annotate" with footnotes my favorite story, "Lillian in White," in my forthcoming collection, From Here (Aqueous Books, September 30th), in terms of what I was thinking when I wrote it.
Footnote [7]: [7]. When I was a freshman, a guy wrote a song for me. It was one of my most memorable gifts ever—a song! —second to the Zippo he bought me for Christmas with my name inscribed on it. (And we weren’t even dating!) Anyway, the problem with the song is that he was a bass player and when he played it for me, he could only play the bass line, so it was hard to envision the rest. He was a huge King Crimson fan, and I always am relieved to have heard only the bass line, because maybe it sounded like a King Crimson song.

To read all footnotes, and the beginning of "Lillian in White," go here.