Interview on editor (and amazing novelist) Rachel Sherman took the time me talk with me about my first love, the journal jmww, which emerged in 2005 between me and fellow Towson Graduate Catherine Harrison. We also talk about writing, participating in the writing community, and time management:

not only must you write, write, write, but you must read. You must support the literary ecosystem by attending readings, buying books, writing reviews, sharing on social media, etc. You also have to build your own platform so that, by the time your book is published, you have a cadre of people who know your work and are excited to read more. Your drive has to equal your level of passion, and you have to believe in your work and be resilient. Just as writers are agitated that everyone they meet thinks they can write, that it’s easy when it’s not, writers should treat writing as seriously as they defend it to nonwriters.

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