Excerpt in Amarillo Bay

Thrilled to have an excerpt of my forthcoming novel THE SUMMER SHE WAS UNDER WATER in Amarillo Bay as the story "Hammer Nails."

She was just a girl, Sam first thought, if she thought of her at all. The girl who worked the late shift at the coffee shop on 31st and Charles Street, where Sam got her muffin and tea, had made no other impression on Sam at first other than the fact that she belonged to the legions of urban service-industry workers that filled the coffee shops of the city, seemingly cast from the same disaffected die: slightly unkempt shoulder-length blonde hair, tattoos, a blank expression, rings and jewelry of all vintages on all digits and appendages, an affinity for black and brown and gray fabrics.

Although it wasn’t rocket science, the girl quickly remembered Sam’s order, a large Chai tea with milk and a cranberry oat bran muffin, and would have it ready the nights she usually stopped by.

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