Interview at Late Last Night Books

I was interviewed by Sally Whitney at Late Last Night Books about the magical realism in my debut novel, The Tide King, and my forthcoming novel, The Summer She Was Under Water, about labeling writers, about loneliness, and more:

[finding home] I think, being comfortable with yourself, loving yourself. Trusting yourself to know your needs and know how to fill them. Like I said, there’s a great fear, I think, to go deep inside, to find that you’re lacking. It’s such a scary, terrible feeling to open that door and find a dark, empty closet. So much so that we try to fill the closet with other things from the outside. But to be in the closet, alone, and feel safe and strong and content. And discover there’s actually a window in there covered with dirt that just needed a little cleaning.

To read the interview, go here.