New Anthology: The House That Made Me

Excited to see my name in Publishers Weekly! I have a essay, "Where We're Going, Where We've Been" in this great collection of essays, The House That Made Me, edited by Grant Jarrett. Authors include Porochista Khakpour, Pamela Erens, Laura Miller, Tim Johnston, Roy Kesey, and so a ton of others. Here is a snippet of the review. You can also read it here.

"The essays strike a variety of tones, including curiosity, ambivalence, thoughtfulness, and earnestness. Some writers emphasize the conceit of looking at their old homes from the vantage point of a satellite. Ru Freeman and Jen Michalski, in their pieces, discuss what can be seen and what is missing in the pictures, as well as what is impossible to capture. Jeffery Renard Allen and Pamela Erens return to Chicago’s North Side and South Side, respectively, to capture different aspects of the city. Other writers take readers to California, Canada, New York, and Sri Lanka. Some reexamine their families, while others consider the fragility of memory. All of the essays show, in their own ways, how homes make us and how we attempt to make homes for ourselves, at least in memory. Some readers may well be inspired to take similar journeys into the past." ―Publishers Weekly