Summer She Was Under Water the July pick at Vibrant Margins!

Excited that my novel The Summer She Was Under Water was chosen as the July selection of the online book-of-the-month club, Vibrant Margins. You can order my book singly through the site or choose a six-month subscription of selected small press titles curated by the Vibrant Margins staff.

Editor Ben Winston talked to me about the writing of Summer at the Vibrant Margins website and about the strain of family relationships:

"I think, at some point in our lives, we’ve experienced strained relationships with our loved ones. And I am familiar with the dynamic of the blue collar family. My twin brother and I, third-generation Polish Americans, were the first in our family to go to college. So it’s often felt like I live in two worlds at times. But I think, while you might grow apart from friends with whom you don’t have much in common any more, you’re always connected to your family, for better or worse. They’re a lot like slinkys; you are all growing at different rates, apart and together, and the spring stretches and contracts continuously, but they’re always connected."

To read more, go here. To order Summer from Vibrant Margins, go here.