New nonfiction at Vol. 1 Brooklyn: "The Edge of Thirteen"

Really thrilled to have my essay "The Edge of Thirteen," in Vol. 1 Brookyn.

"The warning signs that Stevie Nicks may not have been an ethereal, free-spirited gypsy from the velvet underground were there. I just chose not to see them. When you’re young, everyone in a position of authority seems kind, affirming of you, and, most importantly, wise. Until suddenly, they aren’t. Maybe they molest you or beat you or ignore you while they’re trying to find your next stepmother or stepfather. Maybe they tell you the benevolent God that they pray to every night for salvation is sending you, specifically, to hell because Pat Robertson told them so. Or maybe they’re a drug addict. 

Stevie Nicks, to my horror, was the latter." 

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