Pushcart Nomination, "Greater Good"

So excited to receive a Pushcart nomination for my story, Gargoyle, "Greater Good." It's my fifth nomination for the Pushcart prize; maybe this will be the lucky one! Above all, I'm so grateful to Richard Peabody and the staff of Gargoyle for believing in my work.

"She will love him, honor him, comfort him, keep him in sickness and in health, forsake all others, be true to him as long as they both shall live. She will tell white lies, that she doesn’t mind if he wears the ugly green and blue-stripe golf polo to the museum or to the garden party or that his feet stink, yes, monstrously so, does he ever wash between his toes, or that the smell of beef and vodka on his breath, ruffling the air around him like waves of heat, makes her ill. She will tell not him she is not sure what love is, if she ever felt it, if she feels it for him."

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